Jay Svenka (jeidar) wrote,
Jay Svenka

100 Prompts

100_prompts. Something I've been wanting to do for a while.
...Although the idea of 100 prompts is a little daunting, so I'll stick with 30 for now :)

Fandom: Weiss Kreuz
Table A (30-A)

001.Evidence 002.I'm here 003.Funeral 004.Puppy love 005.Gloves
006.Blackboard 007.Muse 008.Magic 009.Clean 010.Secret
011.Superstition 012.Fantasy 013.Test 014.Tease 015.Storm
016.Strawberries 017.Weapon 018.Beach 019.Lost 020.Cry
021.Aloof 022.Blood 023.Tower Block 024.Taxi 025.Search
026.Writer's Choice 027.Writer's Choice 028.Writer's Choice 029.Writer's Choice 030.Writer's Choice

Tags: challenge:100 prompts
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